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Ribasmith Supermarket WWTP
Wastewater treatement plant for Ribasmith Supermarket. Sequencial Batch Reactor technology (SBR). Fully automated with PLC. Include a sewage pumping station.
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Panama Canal Expansion Project
Supply and installation of equipment and start-up for a wastewater pumping station in Panama Canal Expansion Project.
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Curundú Project
Supply and installation of equipment, start-up, and after-sales service for a wastewater pumping station, including the control system based on PLC.
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Primavera Premium Project
An activated sludge system with 2 reactos in series. Designed with grease separator and pumping station.
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University of Medicine WWTP in Port Prince
Activated sludge treatment plant with modular clarifiers. Designed and built with sewage drying bed and pumping station.
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Ecogardens Project
Model with circular shape. Reduction of biomass by three reactos in series. It also includes a pumping station.
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Empaques de Colón
A package wastewater treatment plant partially buried.
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La Reserva Project
Treatment plant built to grow in stage and achieve the connection of more than 400 housing units. Mixed technology very simple to operate.

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Newland Entech Europe ozone generator for potable water treatment plants


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The latest technology in drinking water analysis

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We are a company committed in offering reliable and customized solutions for water treatment, with an experience of 32 years and an outstanding record that are confirmed by the satisfaction of our customers.


Being a nationally and internationally recognized company, for innovating in favor of an improved product and service in water treatment applications, and provinding confidence to all our customers.


We currently have a vast experience in environmental and water treatment, which has allowed us to optimize our designs, and thus achieve comparative advantages in terms of energy efficiency and products quality.


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